Services We Offer

By working in partnership with fourteen international professional, experienced, and specialized travel, cruise and tour companies, we arrange and coordinate transportation, accommodations, ticketing, hosting, and concierge services to the most famous sports, entertainment, culture, and adventure events in the world. We coordinate the creation of the ultimate event for clients desiring a “once in a lifetime” travel or tour event.

Additionally, Ron Largent – “The Travel Professor” is available for guest lectures and workshops. Ron brings his passion for travel, depth of experience, and love of history to every speaking engagement. Ron is a Professional International Travel Consultant, Broker, and Agent.

Leave all the Details to Us

We provide all levels of services based on the client’s preferences. All details for cruise booking, transportation, ticketing, and hotel accommodations are provided at time of purchase. We also furnish a full range of assistance at the event itself, including hosting and concierge to ensure the tickets are accurate and that all transportation and transfer details are carried out as ticketed and planned.

Premier Event Tickets

Through a close and long term association of the specific official agency that we partner with for the event itself, the very best tickets and event packages are offered to our clients. Tickets and seats are guaranteed from the purchase of tickets. A wide range of options are offered for all events, as available. With all events, timing of the ticket availability is always a question, but the client is fully advised of the ticket situation and can act accordingly.

Unique & Exceptional Accommodations

With almost all events, a wide range of accommodations are offered, as requested and needed by the client. The options can include both pre- and post-event travel plans and lodging accommodations, and can vary from business class to ultra-luxury class, and depending on the event, can be at the event or nearby. The options available, such as location, dates, pricing, and specific hotel or room arrangements are always made known to the client at the earliest stage of planning. Depending on the event, more than one manner of accommodation may be offered, and this may be modified by the nature of the event, such as the Tour de France or a cross-country Rally Race, versus a static event such as the Super Bowl, NASCAR, or a Concert in Carnegie Hall.

The Process Itself

Your individualized travel planning begins once you contact us by e-mail (preferred) or phone. The initial contact should include the name of the event (such as The Masters or Wimbledon), the number of clients involved (such as an individual, organization, club, or business), and the general class of ticketing and accommodations (such as front row seats, Yacht seats for Monaco Grand Prix, 5 Star,  Luxury, or private residence.) If you require transportation to the event, include seating preferences.The more detail in the initial contact, the better, for we will know which of the specialized agencies would then be the best fit for your needs. In most cases, the initial inquiry will receive a response back from us within a few days to a week, depending on the event, the availability of tickets and accommodations, and the timing of the request. We will work with you to find the package that best suits your needs and provides you with a “trip-of-a-lifetime” vacation.