We had a relaxing morning with the buffet breakfast as we overslept the earlier breakfast….or rather took too long in the room…..and as we ate we started to see the glaciers in Glacier Bay….eventually ending up in the front observation areas, going between the inside comfy seats and outside along the outside viewing area. We spent the next 4 hours looking at either the John Hopkins Glacier or the Margorie Glacier. Both are magnificent to see…and again a very major part of the Cruise…and a must to see if you have never seen them. A great day of Glacier viewing.

At 5 pm we went to see the movie in the Big theater style Vista Lounge “Bears. A Disney production…it is outstanding….photos and scenes are absolutely magnificent…and really told the story of the Alaskan Brown Bear….just great.

We then went to seated dining, which we really preferred versus the Buffet…and sat with 5 couples which turned out to be another story that can be to,d when we are home. Suffice it to say the retired IBM guy, the younger Mormon couple where the woman was a teacher and LDS missionary to Russia…the big talking and funny Alabama coupe, and the software guy and his indescribable wife from Maryland. It was a dinner that was characterized by delicious food, loud talking about football and other talking, and absolute bizarre by the Maryland couple. I asked the question of the Alabama guy who was a USAF vet as well as had been in a mission trip to Georgia in Eastern Europe…and had home schooled their kids ” what was the mood of the folks in Alabama about Trump.”…the rest must be told in person so remind us of the couple from Maryland when we get home.

Well, a very full and fun day….as we left the dining room as the last couples to finish as they cleaned the tables at 9 pm….what else is new?