The tender from the ship into Akaroa is about 15 minutes. Here then go directly to the bus and there were about 10 buses waiting at that time. To drive for about 10 minutes through the little town of a Akaroa then start the trip to Christ Church initially you go through some hills but then follow the bay around and great photo shots and then up the mountain


For many years I have heard that Christ Church and the South Island was the most beautiful area of New Zealand circling this trip over to Christ Church verified that it is a slow trip over the mountain but then when you start down you start seeing the beautiful filled with sheep and cows and trees

Christ Church was the epicenter of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in 2011 followed by some major aftershock. The earthquake lasted 45 seconds and has cost billions of dollars to rebuild the downtown area. The area that was most damaged was in the center of town where the Cathedral was located. Immediately after the earthquake rebuilding and rehabilitation and reconstruction of the downtown area began. Except for the cathedral which got caught up in a political battle between the church and the city and probably the state l of Canterbury. The result is that it remains fenced and in the same condition as when it was damaged. The part of the cathedral that collapsed was the main bell tower or alter tower as some of the building maybe one half of it is still standing. There are various memorial for the 180 that were killed around the downtown area and those killed were primarily in one building. Did happen midday so many workers were downtown.

The two buses drop off right at either the art museum which is very very modern or the Christ Church Museum which is in one of the buildings of the original Canterbury University that moved to another location in 1974

The old University buildings were damaged and evidence of the repair and renovation work is very obvious

When the university moved to another location various other organizations took over the building mainly for government use. Some of these buildings are behind the fence and others are being used that as the Information Center. The city tram is adjacent to the bus stop and is a good 20 minute round trip but you can get on and off as at the stops.

When speaking about Christ Church prepare travelers for the 90 minute bus ride to and from. Prepare them for the new construction and the new modern building. Prepare them to see how they have repaired the old Canterbury University prepare them for the fences and the board fences that’s around the mini damage buildings

There are many cafes and bars especially along Victoria Street which is a tram stop and there are small cafes near the bus stop we went in one of the small restaurants across the street from the museum and we’re very pleased with their food and prices

If you do not take the tram there are some local private companies that will offer a city to ER and there is the hop on pop off but also the red double decker bus