Copenhagen…..and Denmark……what a place. A very full all day….and it was so impressive. Almost ready to move there…kind of place. Bikes galore…..industrious, super clean….and a lot to see. This is another 2 day minimum place…as there is so much to do and see. The city with its port and huge river and being on the ocean….is oriented around water…..and from the Little Mermaid to the magnificent Cathedral….this place is a must. We came within a few minutes of seeing the Queen off on her yacht….but did get to see the cars and the stuff getting getting ready for her trip. It is a major city, but very easy to walk around so we took the tour bus back to the ship then caught the shuttle back downtown to see the churches. More churches than any other European city we have ever seen….and wonderful organs, etc. It became a very hot day…so we were “bushed” when we got back to the ship. A wonderful city……must come back and spend more time….and we have some great stories to tell about the tour leader on the bus, etc…just a very enjoyable day.

Audy can tell you about getting back on ship….but a great day in a great city…we saw a lot in a short time.