Do’s and Don’ts of Cruise Ship Travel 

The Cruise Ship industry is “booming.” In 2017, over 20 million people took advantage of a new vacation lifestyle…a week on a luxury cruise ship enjoying all the amenities and benefits of a 5 Star Resort. Why is this? It’s affordable, convenient, and allows world wide travel at a reasonable cost. However, there are some basic do’s and don’ts that travelers should consider.  

Do Book Early. Cruise Ship popularity has “skyrocketed” and is “addictive” for many, causing a huge increase in “repeat business.” Thus, many make reservations 12 to 18 months in advance of their cruise. Delays give fewer options for rooms, ship specials, incentives, and getting specific dates. 

Do Consult an Agency. The internet provides information, but agencies provides the service. This is critical. Agencies represent all the approved Cruise Ships and can relate experiences, both good and bad, of past travelers. Agencies know amenities offered, the best rooms, location, and rates.   

Do Decide.  Determine what you want and go over these interests with your travel agent. Each cruise line is different. Each has its own destinations, amenities, entertainment, and “unusual” features. You can “pick and choose.”  

Don’t Group all “Cruises” Together. Again, each cruise line, ship, and voyage are different. What kind of a vacation are you looking for? What is your location interest and dates? What is your budget?  From the Caribbean to Australia, the choice is yours. Are you an explorer, or a “lay by one of the 4 pools?” There is a ship just for you. Your agency can help you find the perfect cruise. 

Don’t Think, “I can’t afford it.”  Do the numbers. Check out resorts in Florida or Hawaii, the daily expenses, then the cost of the travel itself. Then compare with a cruise. Many have done this, and cruise ship travel is more affordable. A complete “no hassle” vacation. 

Don’t Shop Around. No need. Let your agency do this. They are the professionals. The business is competitive, and you are the customer.  

So, take advantage of cruise ship travel and have a great vacation.  You will be very pleased. Best vacation ever!