Dunedin is a remarkable little city in that it is about 100000 people and then there are about $25,000 in the university we went in in the morning for a walk around got to see the railroad station the beautiful church octagon square and it was her a worthwhile and including going to Cadbury the railroad station is one of the most famous photo spots definitely a requirement when you’re in Dunedin. We came back to the ship for lunch then. On our tour bus took is to the Olveston house which is an old 1850 home builtby at least businessman that came here and it is a remarkable house and gardens and of course and rolls Fiat 1921 Potter so well worth it to go through the house it so it one of a number of towards that are offered but the oldest in house and tour is great. We then came back by the Dunedin Botanic Garden and if it were in bloom would be spectacular but according to one of the workers the lake heavy it heavy eat that they have recently almost killed a lot of the flowers and they’re just now coming back for their second blooming … and should last through early April.  We concluded the tour buy a nother drive thru to needing to see the downtown area and back to the ship the Scottish history of Dunedin is significant as easy as report childless and definitely a day when one of the two should be taking the railroad to repair it is quite good based on the brochures and is one of the options