Our day in Hobart started with our taking the hop on hop off bus to the Botanical Gardens even though it was a bit rainy we were able to leisurely scroll through the gardens and as a result definitely recommend this for a short visit buy books that like flowers. I got some great photos of flowers and we really enjoyed the walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens at the end of the hop on hop off bus route. We then came back to the information building which is an excellent source for travel and tourist information for both Hobart and Tasmania.  We then walk up to the beautiful post office building with the huge clock tower and went in to mail some postcards and the building has been totally restored and is a beautiful inside building as well as the beautiful huge clock tower. Reason came back towards the marina areas and went to the Art Museum which is right adjacent to the marina this was a great opportunity to see the Tasmanian devil exhibit and the library and the museum in general which is extremely well done and pre admission.  We then went to the mall send an article exhibit the building and the museum and had a very outstanding briefing on Mawson and his exploration to Antarctica I bought a book that describes his life and times and the presentation was extremely well done we looked at maps that gave us an indication of the size of an article compared to both Australia and New Zealand. We even took a leisurely walk back by the harbor to look at the large fishing boats which has been and is another big part of the local economy. We had an early dinner reservation before we went in to see the ventriloquist and that 45 minutes show was absolutely great he is a regular on the cruise ship circuit as a ventriloquist and certainly is outstanding we all laughed until we cried at his jokes and the way he did his performance.