Have dinner we talked about the highlight of Hobart as it would apply to a one day visit buy a cruise ship and probably divide the presentation into a couple of different parts. One part could be the history and the economy that is so evident and the porch with a large timber lumber activity both coming into the fork and going out as well as the container traffic going to an Anartica.  There were probably 25 to 30 containers in one area that would be taken 2 Anartica which is a 6 day ocean trip and then return with containers back to Hobart. As part of the history we could talk about the connection with Antarctica and the museum exhibit. The museum and the Mawson exhibit could be in a 2 hour segment as they are just a block apart.  The second segment could be a visit to the Salamanca restaurant and bar and small shopping area near Parliament Square this would be for people that would want to have lunch on their Hobart visit. For the people that would want a more general overview of the area the hop on hop off bus takes you from the downtown area north to old Hobart and the brewery and then back to town and down to the Royal Botanical Garden. This is about a2 hour round trip without getting off. If you were going to get off at either the brewery or the royal Botanical Gardens add about another hour and maybe 2 hours to this trip other than the information building area there is not a lot of souvenir shopping in the downtown area when you get off of the cruise ship you go into a large reception area that has a very complete information desk as well as about 25 vendors with various information to hers etc and some clothes but not a lot to choose from. So in an 8 hour visit to Hobart 2 hours for the museum and Mawson.   2 hours for the hop on hop in the presentation show photos with points over and then also include the history portion with points over going back to the 1800 when   Hobart  was founded which is Illustrated along the doc area off plus add an hour for the gardens and then an hour for the Salamanca area plus lunchtime probably would fill the day.   This is a very unique area and historically very significant even though a small city of 200,000 on a island of less than 500000 people.