We had a very interesting day in Hobart awaking in Port to see thousands of logs timber that are waiting to be unloaded onto shift bound for China Japan. We left the ship about 11 to go to the adjoining information building which was servicing both hardship and celebrity solstice that arrived earlier in the morning. From there we walked to the Information Center to get tickets for the hop on hop off bus which we didn’t road for about 2 hours as it was slow stop a lot and very hot up top. We went through the commercial area and along the marina and Bay and Harbor which is the second largest Harbor Bay in the southern hemisphere Rio de Janeiro being larger we saw the small businesses in the commercial areas of Hobart and it is a very beautiful quaint both old and new town with the foothills and mountains coming right down to the waters edge in locations mini very expensive homes both older and new on the hillside overlooking the bay and the Tasman see. We came back through the CBD known as the central business district and then got off and walked back to the ship for a late lunch. Then later in the afternoon all day and I walked to the Salamanca Salamanca which is a street full of restaurants and bars very very pretty very European looking and right past the park called Parliament Park very beautiful.  Hobart is a city of 200000 and very interesting and that for many years has used the lumber industry as their basic source of economy it has since run to include a university and a large medical facility and serves as the capital city or the state have passed mania.   I suggest and that visitors to a heart first go to the Information Center and look at the vendors and displays then take the 20 minute walk along the bay and along the marina to the Information Center and then if interested in more than just the immediate downtown area take the hop on hop off bus which is a reasonable fair of about $30 a day