Arrival in Iceland…en-route to Northern Europe

This was the recent trip to Northern Europe, via Iceland….and Iceland was very different than any place we had seen. Other than the fiasco with Delta and the luggage…a great brief visit….

Only the points and I will fill in later…

1. Arrived about an hour late….rode bus from aircraft to terminal….nippy…..terminal was busy with a lot of remodeling…all very smooth….got to luggage and waited and no luggage, for us, along with about 50 others.  Luggage was taken off the plane in JFK and not put back on. Got to the front of the line to file…still almost an hour
2. The shuttle driver was waiting and took about 45 minutes to get to the hotel…very barren looking and foggy and sub as we came in….virtually no trees with lava ground. Almost desolate at times. ….approaching city with lots of newer looking apartments…but unusual designs….and same with buildings. More on t his today….checked in the Hilton…hassle due to numbers and the hotel not having rooms ready until 2 pm.   Completely full every night….lots of tour groups, etc.
3. We found a good bench seat and Audy slept….I walked out in the street to find a restaurant, as we had not eaten since the Atlanta airport….flight from JFK could not serve due to weather. At noon walked a block to a Mexican restaurant…..great food.
4. Came back and got out room….spoke a bit to the manager and they gave us an upgrade…great room views looking at the commercial areas of the city.
5. Both slept for a while then dinner at near little coffee bar around another corner..great sandwich,,,then walked through the local market….called 10/11 here but like a big 7-11.
6. Back to the room and watched TV on China, France, British, and European sport TV stations…to bed at 9….
End of Day 1.