Today started with me going to the airport on the airport bus to try and find the luggage. Bottom line….I got them.
returned to the hotel by noon and we got on the Hop On…and spent the afternoon seeing Reykjavik ……stopped at the Krisling Mall for lunch and Audy got a pair of pants. Some great shops in this mall, which is the largest in Iceland and still very small, but a neat place.
Got into the big Cathedral and heard the organist rehearsing…..not as good as William…..but the church is modern and very impressive. Had some great coffee
at a little shop opposite….got back to the hotel about 5….then walked down the street about 2 blocks to this great restaurant and had a wienerschitsel and it was great. Sat net to these 2 retired doctors…fun time…

Went by 10/11 for some chocolate….back to the rom for the 4 am departure to the airport….Icelandair to Stockholm