Our day started early at 9 am when we left on the Golden Circle Tour. We went to the National Park……then on to the Geyser…..eating lunch at the 5 star restaurant at the Geyser….then on to Gullfoss Falls…..
All 3 events are well worth it…and by the time we got to the Falls the wind had come up and probably gusted at 60 mph. We literally had to hold on to each other as we looked down at the Falls…..scary but so impressive This Golden Circle is a must to fully appreciate Iceland….and at the falls you can see the huge glacier that stretches to the east coast.
As we returned we traveled on their main east west highway out to the park and were in stopped traffic for about 30 minutes….a bad accident…but made it back to the hotel t 5:30 …then got into the whole lost luggage issue. Finally gave up at 7 and decided to go to the nearby mall and get some clothes, which we did along with a meal at Joe’s and Juice in the Mall….went with the couple from Austin…..back to the room at 10. Still no luggage…A good day of seeing Iceland.