Our day in Leipzig started with a big breakfast in the Executive Lounge and we left the hotel about 10…riding the tram to the church where we heard there would be a noon concert. We got there early and walked through some back streets to get to the church, and for the first time, got to see the remnants of the East German Russian rule. Pretty sad. Some buildings have been completely redone, and they will be right next to a building that looks as if it will fall down. In the area as we walked to this Lutheran Church (all up to now had been Catholic churches), the remnants of the fireworks were very evident, and in fact, the trashcans at the church were blown up, etc. The concert itself was at a noon vesper, and the artist was a Korean student studying here in Leipzig. It was good, but nothing special, and over at 12:30PM, so we walked out in the area looking for a bathing suit for Audy so that she could go in the sauna at the hotel. We had scheduled a message for her at 5 PM….we could not find a decent bathing suit, so stopped and had some pastries instead…then headed back to the Centrum for our own walking tour of the old city. The first place that we went into was the St. Thomas Church, the church where JS Bach worked as organist for 27 years. As we entered we heard the organ and we were going in during an organ lesson. We sat and listened for 30 minutes, then found that this artist would be giving a concert on Friday night. The lesson itself was interesting, for the teacher would play and then the student, etc…and they were doing some “ wild stuff”. Well, we could tell by the rehearsal that this would be something we did not want to miss…so planned accordingly, but we continued on the tour. The Bach Museum is just outside, along with the statue…Leipzig is also the home of Felix Mendelsohn…so very culturally alive. We continued into the Old Market Square, which is now the New Market Square, with the Baroque buildings next to the modern shops featuring the latest in fashion…etc. A lot of evidence of change since 1989, as Leipzig has been going through massive rebuilding to catch up with the rest of Germany. We walked through one of the many “passages”, that go between the various buildings and feature small shops, restaurants, etc….all out of the weather, etc. Very impressive and attractive, including the bar where Goethe wrote Faust in, etc…a lot of history in our presence. These areas are so attractive that you can spend all day here just looking, but as it was raining harder, we headed back to the tram to go back to the hotel for the massage at 5 PM. After the massage , we had some “dinner” in the klounge, thenb went back kto the Kauphof Galeria still looking for a bathing suit, and no luck. Very expensive to start with, and really nothing that Audy would wear…so we gave it up. We did see all of the stores at night, then went over into the Train Station Mall, which is just like a regular mall, with Gap, Body Shop, etc…and many restaurants. This mall is quite nice, and very new, and a model for other train stations. Actually a lot of fun to walk through, for it is the social center for the entire city. We took time at the Formula 1 display sponsored by Intel and I got into the car but couldn’t handle the pedals since I had my big boots on…but it was fun trying. The photos will illustrate the mall, and the station, which is the latest in design, etc. We got to bed at 9:30 PM….another great day in this beautiful restored city.