After the tram ride we walked around the Cathedral grounds and then back down to the museum and the museum was exceptional and definitely a must see. The Botanic Garden is adjacent and very beautiful and well maintained and in full-bloom today..The photos show that destruction and the work that has been done to repair but also shows the construction on the new library as well as other downtown  areas that were hit by the earthquake.We met back at the bus at 3 for the 90 minutes ride back over the mountain into the port ..and into the tenders.

Christchurch should be a must see on any New Zealand trip and the drive is well worth it over them out as you get to see the real New Zealand farms keep cattle as well as the magnificent fields and varied agricultural programs going on in this part of the country.This part of the world is unknown many but in reflecting back this is one of the most beautiful areas we have ever seen the people are very friendly they have a great outlook on life are hard working and they’re very very proud to be a newsletter.I think my talk on this part of New Zealand should be very practical on what you  should you do and see in the time that you have using a lot of photos.