Passau on the Danube is one of those “best kept secrets” when it comes to travel in Germany. However, not so when it comes to the River Cruise ships…it is a major player.

A great smaller city than Munich, etc….it is right at the point where three rivers come together….and is the location of St Stephens Cathedral….the home of the largest organ in Europe.

We had a great day on the walking tour….then went back into the town after lunch and had 3 hours of Christmas Market shopping and looking…. Ending up with a sweet at Simons….the famous gingerbread factory and store.

The highlight of course is the Cathedral…and not only is the organ magnificent, although we did not get to hear it, but the church building itself is among the most impressive we have ever seen.


Well, suffice it to say now…just a great day , and on to Regenburg……