Audy slept in so I walked across the street to get a digital battery…cost $15.99…and then went on into the Bahnhof to check on the schedules…we went back into Salzburg to look around some more to try and find a Marionette doll, and then caught the 3 PM train to Munich…about a 90 minute ride.

The train was the IC, which is InterCity, and like the other fast trains, are really fast. We went through the country and out of the mountains as we headed for Munich, arriving about 5 PM. I had forgotten how big Munich was, and this was very obvious at the train station…and we caught a taxi for $15 dollars to the Renaissance, driven by a Ghanaian driver. We were given an upgraded room on the first floor, so had a delicious soup in the restaurant, and got to the room early. I walked down to the nearby Marriott, as well as the nearby Metro station…and then came back as Audy had gone to bed due to her back, etc. The area of the hotel is an upscale apartment area surrounded by some big business…Siemens is across the street, etc. The Marriott is quite big and nice, but no signs outside..which we felt were probably area zoning requirements.