Travel Light….less is more!

Traveling light is the single best way to ensure an enjoyable and stress-free travel experience. Why is that? Here are five reasons why less is more, and I got this from Go Ahead Tours….a partner of ours and they are great.

1…It’s more secure
Packing less lets you avoid checking your luggage. By keeping your bag in your possession, you’re instantly protecting yourself against theft, damage or baggage handling mistakes by airlines.

2…You’ll save money
The less you pack, the more money you’ll save. You won’t have to pay porters to help with your luggage at hotels or the airport, and you’ll eliminate extra baggage charges. Packing light also makes it easier to travel on public transportation rather than in expensive cabs. If you pack light enough, you might even be able to walk (which is good exercise, too!).

3…You’ll be more flexible and mobile
Packing light allows for greater mobility. You won’t have to arrive at airports as early, and you’ll be among the first to leave the airport after your arrival while others wait at baggage claim.

4…It means more time to enjoy the moment
Traveling light is simply a better, more hassle-free way to go: you’ll expend less energy by not hauling a heavy bag with you, and you’ll spend less time searching through multiple bags to remember where you put that city map! With less to pack up at the end of your vacation, you can squeeze every last moment from your trip. Ultimately, you’ll spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your travels.

5…It’s good for the environment
Keeping your luggage light is an important part of traveling in an environmentally friendly way. The less you bring with you, the more you’re helping to preserve the Earth for others to enjoy it.  Traveling light results in lower fossil fuel consumption and fewer vehicles required to move travelers and their baggage.