Thanks to Audy, and her friend, Dawn….we spent Tuesday at Hampton Court Palace, which is about a 40 minute train ride south into Surrey from Waterloo Station….and a wonderful day, especially if you like Henry VIII….the King with the wives… Hampton Court was “his palace”.

We took a Taxi over to Waterloo station, which is one of 4 big train stations that serve all of England from LONDON. As with all mass transit here, these stations are the epitomy of organization and efficiency, as they move thousands of people every day…and the system works perfectly, barring any unforeseen events.

We met Carrie and William at the station, as they had gone to the Globe Theater to see the theater where Shakespear did his work….and off we went to Hampton Court.

From the entrance, the palace does not compare with Windsor Palace….but as you get into the palace itself, it is very different than Windsor, it that it is spread out over a huge area with many connecting buildings….and they give you a map when you enter…which you need as you go from room to room and period to period.

It is impossible to explain the Palace in a blog like this…detail is all on the internet, but suffice it to say that if you want to see the Palaces-Castles where history was made, Hampton Court is right up there along with Windsor Castle….- Castles that have shaped Europe and the Western World for centuries.

We spent about 4 hours in the palace….then visited the shops, watched the rehearsal for their Christmas program with the musicians dressed in period clothes and playing period instruments and music….just a fun and very enlightening time.

We then went over to the little town of Hampton Court to an Emporium…which is a gigantic antique and collectibles store….thousands of these in the country, but this one is famous as they have it on TV from time to time.

Then on to a very nice restaurant nearby that Dawn knew of…and on to the Christmas musical back at the Palace…..and it was a beautiful 45 minute program with both the boys choir and the adult mens choir….very typical and very good….a great concert in the Chapel of the Castle setting….as good as it can get…enjoyed by all.

Took the train back to: Waterloo…back to the hotel…a full day. Wednesday will be a quiet morning…then Royal Albert Hall at 2: 30 then Dickens Christmas Carol at 5…..should be fun….

More to come…