Today was a most interesting day in Wellington we have just pulled away from the dock and it was very interesting to see the tugboat help get us out of the dock area with these winds as strong as they are.

Today we started by taking the shuttle into the center of town and then walked to the New Zealand museum for the Galilippo  show exhibit. It was outstanding. From there we walked back through the town and rode the cable car to the top…. walked around at the top then road the cable car back down and walked to the building of the clock, which  was built in an old bank building completely redone. We then walk down to the Beehive and the Parliament and the State Library then to the old Cathedral which was remarkable and then was all done in wood and was very very beautiful. We then walked by the railroad station stopped and had a McDonalds coffee and sweet then back to the shuttle.The thing about today that was worth remembering for the strong winds in downtown Wellington

Wellington is a gorgeous remarkable modern setting with this huge Harbor Bay area and very impressive with a lot to see  and really too much for just one day.